Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

I miss you, my soulmate
I miss you so much
You someday just have been there in my life
And I'm sure we were meant to stay in touch.

I always had the feeling to know you
As long as a very best friend
Although you have been such a stranger
But why then this sudden end?

We were talking about really everything
We have been discussing, laughing together
Or were just looking in each other's eyes
So often you could make me feel better.

So many words remind me of you
Each time they come along
Would I like to see and feel you again?
Who of us just wasn't that strong?

I miss you, my soulmate
I miss you too much...

And let me just tell you, my soulmate.. Nothing more I will ask from you, just stay my soulmate.
Not my lover. Not just a friend.

Feeling a soulmate is not getting in touch with them physically. It's just the feeling when they are just around you, walking next to you, seeing their eyes and their moving...

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